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Owner & Educator

Gillian is the creator and primary facilitator for Body Labs classes, workshops & courses. Gillian has been studying yoga and the human body for nearly 20 years, spanning a university degree, employment in forensic medicine, and currently as a movement educator.

Knowing many new, and seasoned, instructors feel insufficiently prepared by the anatomy and physiology training they received in their teacher training program, Gillian decided to create Body Labs Yoga. Providing in-depth, highly focused, and relevant classes and courses, Body Labs Yoga is the movement student's and teacher's resource the industry has been missing.  

Dedicated to making a difference through education, and backed by innumerable hours of gross dissection experience and study, Gillian has raised the bar dramatically for professionals in the yoga and wellness industry.

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Reviews from Students

"Gillian's knowledge base means she is cueing a release before you even notice you have tensed up. I leave her classes feeling more limber and stronger within my body. If you have the opportunity - don't miss any of her offerings."


"Gillian pairs a pose with the part of your body it targets. This has been sh helpful for me as I start to learn what I neeed for myself. If I have an ache I can hear Gillian's coice in my head telling me which pose might help relieve those achy muscles. She is gentle and funny. I miss her studio sessions but have LOVED doing her online classes. She is a gift."


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