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May  4, 2024

 Fascia is the tissue that allows our body to move, work, and understand itself as a whole and complete entity. One system in the body cannot function without another part, with our fascia acting as the point of connection & communication between the two. When our fascia becomes dysfunctional or disrupted the information received by the brain is usually translated into pain.
Fascial practices can help to positively affect the chronic pain cycle. This lab has been developed with the inquisitive student and expanding teacher in mind. 

The Lymphatic system is so intimately connected to the Fascial system that I truly believe we should

not talk about one with out exploring the other. These 2 "super highways" provide the entire body with nutrients, information, and are the foundation for healthy, fluid movements.

What you get:


  • an understanding of the role of fascia in movement and pain comprehension

  •  develop an understanding of the what/where/why of fascia through lecture, yoga sequences, myofascial release, and breathing techniques to positively affect the chronic pain cycle

  • exploration of specific asana to integrate concepts

  • tools to teach or practice with more confidence and clarity

  • 4+ hours of fascia & lymphatic system discussion, lecture, & applied practice of concepts

  • access to recording after

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