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Upcoming Workshops

Nov 27

Details coming soon!

Jan 14

Depth of Movement
Jan 14, 15 & 16
Feb 25, 26 & 27

25 hours
Advanced Anatomy Training in collaboration with Kat Boehm

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Online Yoga Classes

Join Gillian online this fall for

the Desk Dwellers Sessions!

A 6 week series running Sept 20 - Oct 25.

Geared towards individuals who spend their work hours at a desk, this series will focus on stress reduction, shoulder and hip mobility, and spinal stability movements.

Each class will be pre-recorded, providing you the flexibility to practice in your own home and when your schedule allows.

Child's Pose


In order to regain proper body to mind neurological connections, I needed a teacher that would do simple (yet difficult movements for me) in order to relearn how to move the muscles correctly and working together correctly with little to no compensation from other muscle groups.

She is amazing and I will always be indebted to her.
- Jodi H.

When I took my YTT, I had no intention of teaching - it was simply to expand my own practice. Then Gillian facilitated the Fascia intensive and I was HOOKED!
Gillian is a wonderful teacher with a style that people can relate to. When I sign up for her workshops or courses, I know I will walk away with useful skills, a better understanding of my body, and movements I can apply to my everyday life.
- Leigh C.L.

I've learned more about my body in 3 of Gillian's classes than I've learned in my entire yoga practice. Gillian is a fantastic teacher and I endorse the crap out of her approach!
- Brittany R.