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The "Workshop"

Thursday, October 21
7 - 8:00pm Online

Imagine this;

  • Getting to teach what & when you want

  • Developing connections with students who get excited about the same topics as you

  • Determining your own value

Stepping away from the studio model of teaching is scary and daunting, but has the largest "returns" in the industry, in both monetary and fulfillment.

This workshop will give you the first steps needed to create successful workshops that you can get excited to host!

It doesn't have to be scary!

Online. Recording available after.

Bring your workshop ideas and questions.

Join the Rebellion!

In this culture of productivity over wellbeing, the act of rest is often perceived as rebellious.

However, rest is fundamental to our health, creativity, and sense of connection to ourselves and the world around us.

Through restorative yoga, gentle somatic movement, and fascial rolling this 6 week session will show you strategies to introduce more moments of rest into your daily life. 

Class recordings will be delivered to your inbox every Friday, beginning Nov 5 through to Dec 10.

Fascial rolling balls are recommended but not required. If you would like to purchase balls please email


Rest Rebellion