When did you start learning about your body?

Last night I was helping my eldest child, who is in junior high, study for a science test. They are learning about the human body (insert me doing the moonwalk in the kitchen while I nerd-out), and it began a discussion between myself and my husband.

When did you first start to learn about your body in a structured setting?

My first recollections of structured anatomy learning would be when I was in grade 10. Learning cell biology, homeostasis, etc. Combine that with healthy eating and habits learned in CALM (Career & Life Management for those not from here) that was the extent of required learning about the body we each inhabit. Pretty much the most boring way to introduce teens to their physical existance, in my opinion! Because here's the thing, the more indepth learning began in Biology 20 (at least in the 90s) which is an optional science in Alberta. Therefore, my spouse who spent more time in math and physics classes never had the chance to learn about his body. He literally has no recollection of this.

Now, we could say that there may be an element of an uninterested high school kid in his story...

And I'm sure that is partially correct.

But, that is besides the point for me.

This is literally the body you and I inhabit from the moment we are conceived to the moment we turn to dust.

So, why do we not prioritize this education more?

I personally fell in love with the human body in Mr Ward's Bio 20 & 30 classes. He set me on a path that I've never really deviated from and I still love.

I am thrilled to see that the human body is being explored at a younger grade level now than it was in the 90s, but that still means that there are plenty of 30+ year olds who are still meeting their bodies at a very superficial level.

I've alway said that I love the moment when a student realizes just how unbelievably miraculous their existance is, and how their body performs miracles EVERY SINGLE DAY.

How great would it have been for you to have this knowledge at a younger age? How much more power would you have felt knowing the ability of your physical body combined with the power of your brain and mind?

Are you still meeting your body? Getting to know oneanother? What makes you interested in learning more? Did you have an injury or illness that has you re-acquainting yourself?

Whatever your reason,


We've all heard that knowledge is power. And while that is true, so is:

Knowledge is empathy.

Knowledge is patience.

Knowledge is hope.

Your phyiscal body is not You. But it is the way in which You interact with the world around you.

So keep learning.

I promise, the more you learn about your body, the more amazed you will be with your miraculous existance.

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