It's the Bee's Knees!

It’s the Bees’s Knees! Or rather, it’s your knees... This image is a depiction of what is called the Q-angle. Essentially, if you were to draw a line from your ASIS (hip pointer) through the mid-line of your patella (knee cap), and then draw a second line from the tibial tuberosity just below the knee through the mid-line of the patella. The resulting angle between these intersecting lines is your own individual Q-angle.

Why do we care? Because this angle affects every single movement of your lower limb. How you stand. How you walk. How you balance.

So often the cues in our classes originate in the hands or feet, simply because these are the easiest body parts for the instructor to see. But imagine the difference in effect that the cue of “pushing into the mound of the large toe” would have between these 3 individuals. Or how about what would happen if they were cued to “point the knee over the 3rd toe”. Yeah. My knees hurt already.

Human variation is real. It exists in Every. Single. Body. Our understanding and teaching needs to match this.

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