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Do you make New Years Resolutions? Here's why I don't.

Welcome to 2022 and the week we are inundated with “New Year, New You” programs and offerings.

I’ve never ever kept a resolution I made at midnight. That could be a reflection of a personality flaw, or it could be an acknowledgment that my needs change constantly. Perhaps it’s a bit of both! Whatever the reason is, I don’t bother with resolutions (fyi, goals are different). If they work for you, then keep going… you’ve got this, and I want you to succeed!!

However, I find that after the holidays my mental state needs a bit of downtime to ease back into schedules and responsibilities. So you won’t see a “Kick Start You Year” program from me. I have offerings this month that I invite you to join me in, but if you are like me and need to ease back in, know that’s ok. It’s ok to say "piss off" to the resolutions. Maybe this year doesn’t need a “kick start” but more of a gentle hand.

However you start your year, I hope it is gentle to you. That your goals are achieved. That you laugh a hell of a lot. And hugs are in excess.

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