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Welcome to the Master Classes

Created for Learners of all levels & knowledge, these classes are an opportunity to expand your understanding and awareness of each topic.

Image by Giulia Canaia

Live Online: January 27 @ 1PM

Recording Available to all registrants for 3 months

The connection of your brain and body via the vagus nerve plays a major role in your emotional, physical, and psychological wellbeing.

You will learn how the Vagus Nerve interacts with the body as a whole, why we can get "stuck" in a vagal response loop, and ways to "rewire" the connection of the Vagus Nerve for improved overall health.

In this class you will learn what research has discovered about the Vagus nerve and how it affects our response during times of stress and trauma, including the physical body, emotional body, and chronic pain responses. 


What Happens in


The Breath

& Its Branches

Live Online: February 23 @ 7:00pm

Recording Available to all registrants for 3 months


The Breath is the foundation of our existence. And inhale is the first independent action at the time of your birth. An exhale is the last thing we will do on this earth. It is unsurprising then that when breathing becomes dysfunctional there can be a "trickle down" effect into the rest of the body. 

In this masterclass you will learn how the visceral, neural, and fascial connections affect the efficiency of the breath, as well as understanding injuries or pathologies that can have negative effect on the breath.

This class is a great companion to What Happens in Vagus masterclass.


The Trauma We Hold
March 23 1pm

Each of us carries our own own history, stories, & traumas... and these are written in our tissues. They become a part of our bodies.

So, how can we make sense of these sensations and processes that are constantly affecting our physical, emotional, & mental selves?

Join Gillian for this Master Class where we will look at where trauma is processed, stored, and released. Learn techniques that are supportive to the nervous system & may assist to enable healing.

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