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Anatomy of Feeling




July 9, 2022
9:00 - 1:00
4 hours


About the Course

Our Nervous System is the bridge between our body and the physical world. The Anatomy of Feeling Lab takes a deep dive into the Nervous System through physical understanding and movement practice. Understanding how the Nervous System interprets sensory input, deciphers, integrates & organizes sensory outputs assists in cohesive and inspired classes. ​ What you get:

  • in depth study of the Nervous System and its major nerves

  • understanding of sympathetic vs parasympathetic response and how movement practices affect each

  • exploration of tools and techniques proven to down regulate Nervous System

  • 4+ hours of nervous system discussion, lecture, & applied practice of concepts

  • access to recording after

Your Instructor

Gillian Soder

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Gillian Soder
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